We are hair colouring specialists with expertise in several leading edge colouring and highlighting techniques including:

Ombre, includes colouring the hair, fading from dark or light to dark, from the roots blending to lighter towards the ends of the hair. Balayage, is a technique for highlighting in which the hair is 'painted' free hand to create a natural graduated effect. Colour Correction, involves removing the existing colour molecules deep in the three layers of the hair follicle before a new colour is applied.

We use the ground breaking Olpalex product (on request). Olaplex makes your hair stronger, healthier and makes your colour last longer. It repairs the bonds in your hair that are broken by colouring, highlighting and perming and you will see and feel an immediate difference. Ask us about the Olaplex Colour Service Upgrade.

We use either Sensus colour products with the latest PPD and Ammonia free with natural ingredients (on request).

Full Head Highlights (long hair): £65.00          Full Head Colour: £38.00    

Full Head Highlights (short hair): £55.00          Tone & Shine: £38.00      

Half Head Highlights (long hair): £51.00          Root Colour: £34.00        Olaplex (short hair): £15.00

Half Head Highlights (short hair): £43.00        Luxury Perm: £48.00        Olaplex (long hair): £25.00

T-section Highlights: £39.00            Half Head Luxury Perm: £36.00        Olaplex (treatment): £40.00

Slice Flashes (upto 5 packs): £20.00          Colour Correction: POA        Hollywood Colour Blend from: £250.00


Short hair (above shoulder) / Long hair (shoulder length and longer).