Lynton are the renowned experts in aesthetic technology since 1994. For the last 25 years Lynton have manufactured exceptional medical grade technology, ensuring all equipment delivers the quality, integrity and reliability needed to give all clients the best possible results.

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time 15 minutes
Number of Treatments 3-5
Results Permanent
Anaesthetic Not Required
Back to Work Immediate
Risks & Complications Sensitivity, Redness, Acute Swelling, Discomfort
Suitable for vascular lesions
Down Time 48 Hours

An IPL System is used to emit pulses of light directly into the lesion. The light energy heats up the blood vessels until they're destroyed and visibly eradicated from the skins surface. Although the IPL treatment is ideal for multiple ailments, such as Campbell De Morgan Spots & Port- Wine Stains, the treatment is most effective on Thread Veins, Spider Naevi & Rosacea.

Single Area; Chin, Cheek, neck etc - £50  (15 Minutes) 

Patch Test and Consultation - £20  (30 Minutes)

*A patch test and consultation is required at least 24 hours before treatment.